Ein rotes Notizbuch mit Lederschnürung

The red notebook. Rookie translation for a friend.

She was standing in front of the door and breathed relief, because after all it was done.

She had been preparing herself for such a long time, researched minutely and brought everything to light. Every tiny detail about his life was written down in her beautiful red notebook but she really did not, need that notebook at all.

Everything was in her head, and of course in her heart because she loved him from fist sight. Every passing day tore her apart because she could not show herself but today would be different. Today he would get to know her and then he would open his heart for her and they both would be happy after all. She had cooked his favorite food, dressed up nicely and even used some of the new perfume. Her heart pounding, she stood with the tray in front of the door and paused again. Then she pushed it open and entered with a beaming smile.

He had slumped a little while sitting in the chair, but at least he was already awake again. His head jerked up and he stared at her with wide eyes. Then started to wildly tear at the chair, but the zip ties held his hands firmly on the armrests and his ankles snugly tied to chair legs. He tried to say something despite the gag, but she only smiled.

He would understand that they were made for each other, even if it might take some time.


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